Alexandra Carr

Co-founder of The Institute of Other

Alexandra CarrAlexandra is an internationally-exhibiting artist who collaborates with specialists from other disciplines such as musicians, sound designers and theoretical physicists.

With a craft background, experience in architecture and bespoke manufacture her skills are wide ranging. Alexandra has an unquenchable thirst for learning and an inexplicable pull towards invention, science, thinkers and pioneers of the enlightenment.

Her work is heavily science-based and experimental in nature. She has recently spent six months at the artists’ collective HEIMA, in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, sonifying the Aurora Borealis as an artist in residence and mentor for the Lunga School. She was subsequently documenting her works in a castle in Co. Galway, Ireland, before returning to London to resume her practice and enable collaboration through the Institute of Other.

She hates haircuts, taxis and changing light bulbs, but loves magnets, movement and mushrooms (ok, not so much mushrooms, but we’re suckers for alliteration). In a previous life she was both a male British alchemist and a male Indian astronomer (so we’re told)!

Alexandra is an artist, curator, facilitator, and all round science geek.